Middle school can be a complicated group to teach.  Engagement is key.  As middle school social studies teachers, the concept of gamification seemed a natural fit for our classrooms. As we began reading, studying, and implementing game mechanics into our classroom, we noticed that gamification is a natural fit for any content area.

Who are we?

Amy Fine

Upon graduating from the University of Cincinnati, I was able to fulfill my dream of becoming an 8th grade social studies teacher. I have been teaching for 11 years while completing my masters degree from the University of Cincinnati and raising my young family. I am passionate about my career and dedicated to my students. Gamification has revolutionized my classroom and I’m excited to share my experience with other educators.

Gina Taylor

After graduating from the University of Cincinnati, I have taught for 22 years, teaching both social studies and science.  While teaching I completed a masters degree in science education from the University of Massachusetts. Currently, I am a doctoral student at Concordia University, Chicago, working on a doctorate in educational technology, emphasizing in gamification.