Key Points about Gamification

Key Point #1: Better Learning Experience

The learner can experience “fun” during the game and still learn if the level of engagement is high. A good gamification strategy combined with high levels of engagement will lead to an increase in recall and retention.

Key Point #2: Better Learning Environment

Gamification provides an effective, informal learning environment, and helps learners practice real life situations and challenges in a safe environment.

Key Point #3: Instant Feedback

Gamification provides instant feedback so that learners know what they know or what they should know as well as how they are doing.

Key Point #4: Prompts Behavioral Change

Points, badges, and leaderboards would surely make learning awesome. However, gamification is about a lot more than just those surface level benefits. Gamification can drive strong behavioral change especially when combined with the scientific principles of repeated retrieval and spaced repetition.

Key Point #5: Can be Applied to Multiple Learning Needs

Gamification can be used to fulfill most learning needs and makes differentiation  meaningful. Students can track their progress along with the teacher and work at their own speed through the games.

Key Point #6: Impacts the “Bottom Line”

Since all of these aspects touch and impact learners (better learning experience, higher recall and retention, catalyzing behavioral change, and so on), it can create a significant performance gain.